About Us

Amsource Companies is a Real Estate Development company that was founded on the principle that location, quality and service create lasting value. The principals of Amsource have a combined total of over 70 years of real estate development experience.

The primary focus of Amsource Companies is in two areas of development; retail shopping centers and residential developments. When designing a project, we are always committed to three overall objectives:

  • Location: The location of the land is fundamental to the success of any project both now and in the future. We must have the very best site. Our experience has taught us that if we invest in the best location, it will pay dividends for years to come.
  • Quality: We pay great attention to detail in every project. Planning issues, architectural details and building materials will determine the quality of each project. There are no shortcuts. Quality is always better than mediocrity and is timeless.
  • Service: We feel a responsibility to each community development. We spend a great amount of time and energy analyzing neighborhood and community needs, and then develop a project that fills the need. Our primary focus in this area is the family. Whether it is a shopping center or subdivision, we put ourselves in the users shoes and design user friendly spaces.
  • In addition to achieving these objectives, we feel a responsibility to have each project enhance the quality of life for all those who live in the community.
    Let Amsource Companies be the source to improve your community.